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About Us

Startup Investors Directory is dedicated to increasing access to venture capital for startup founders worldwide.

Access to early stage risk capital networks has traditionally been limited to "insiders".  Historically these networks have relied too much on referrals from people who went to the right schools, were born wealthy, or had "connections" in Silicon Valley.  

The result has been limited funding for first-time founders, women entrepreneurs, minority founders, non-US founders, and anyone who was not already a member of the US investing class. Too often this leaves talented entrepreneurs struggling to implement their visions and create new jobs and progress in our society. 

That's not right or fair. It unfairly limits the potential contributions of millions of creative entrepreneurs.

StartupInvestorsDirectory.com's goal is to provide founders a large, helpful, current, and transparent directory of today's most active early stage investors. We make these details and contact information publicly available on an equal basis to ANY entrepreneur WORLDWIDE who is seeking to raise money for a startup venture. These investor listings include venture capital firms, angel groups, some individual angel investors, venture debt lenders, private equity firms, incubators, and other organizations that can help provide assistance to entrepreneurs.

 We collect the data from public sources, submissions from users, and directly from investors, too - all designed to make it easier, faster, and more transparent for anyone, anywhere to raise venture capital - even if they didn't go to Stanford. 

The best way to get funded is to identify the RIGHT investors for your company.  Our listings help founders do the research they need to have better conversations with venture capital investors and improve funding outcomes. 

Our listings are not perfect or comprehensive but we hope that the thousands of hours invested in compiling and publishing these investor contacts can help your startup, too. 

If you have feedback or suggestions on how we can improve, please take our Feedback Survey here or email us here

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- Your Friends at the Startup Council