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We're here to help entrepreneurs find startup funding. 

If you need a little help to access our services, we've got you! 

We have two founder-friendly programs that can help you get access to our huge database of startup investors at low cost or even free:

Scholarships for Female and Minority Founders:  If your startup is run by a woman or disadvantaged minority, we're happy to offer 50% off our services.  Contact us to explain how you identify and we'll share a discount code for a great deal!

Free Memberships for Reviewers & Linkers:  Do have an audience who would like to learn about StartupInvestorsDirectory.com? If you write a review and/ or post links back to us, we're happy to return the favor by extending your access to our service, or even provide free access.  Contact us with details of how we can work together on this here

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