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Venture Capital & Angel Investors TiE SoCal Angels in Cerritos CA

TiE SoCal Angels

Angel Investor

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About TiE SoCal Angels

TiE SoCal Angels is a network of successful entrepreneurs, professionals and highly educated individuals who are now turning their passion for business into investments and mentorship for the next generation. 

Started by a handful of dedicated individuals in the 1990s, TiE SoCal Angels formalized the group in 2018 with the intention of bringing together more investors and helping more entrepreneurs. 

Today, TiE SoCal Angels comprises of 75+ accredited investors who are actively investing and mentoring founders. In 2019, TiE SoCal Angels hosted quarterly pitch events live where over 50 companies have been invited to pitch their startups to the full membership of the group. In 2020, this format was updated to a monthly pitch event hosted virtually. 

Once a company has gone through TiE SoCal’s due diligence process, the members are also able to elevate the right companies to TiE Global Angels. TiE Global has highly successful individual investors around the world looking to invest, mentor and guide these companies to success. This is the power of a global network! 

If you are a founder looking for funding, or if you are an angel investor, family office, accelerator, incubator or are simply interested in learning more about TiE SoCal Angels, please contact us. 

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