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Venture Capital & Angel Investors Remagine Ventures in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Remagine Ventures

Venture Capital

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Remagine Ventures

About Remagine Ventures

Every day, new technologies radically change the world we live in and the spaces in which we interact. Deep learning. Virtual reality. Computer vision. Natural language processing. To stay competitive in this rapidly developing ecosystem, businesses need to invest in technological innovation. As this pursuit takes place, we are witnessing the increasing connectivity of various sectors. There are important synergies between industries. At Remagine, we focus on a cluster of these interconnected sectors, specifically media, entertainment, sports, commerce and data. Technological innovation has blurred the lines between these industries. And at Remagine, our focus is to invest in the ways that these industries and technologies intersect. This puts us in a unique position. We have sector expertise, but we are not limited to a single space. Instead, we are focused on the connections between spaces, giving us a dynamic placement at the nexus of many different industries. Our expertise comes from understanding that it is at these intersections where the most exciting innovations take place. This broad yet decisive vision for Remagine Ventures is grounded in many years of experience. As both start-up founders and members of the corporate investment world, we understand the advantages and disadvantages to the many aspects of the early-stage investment landscape. We believe that Remagine has the ideal balance. We’re structured like a pure venture fund, but our portfolio companies receive the added benefits of our deep corporate networks.  With our experience, networks and our position at the intersection of these different sectors, we hope to guide a new generation of companies that are Remagining the technology shaping our world.